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, including a jellyfish. leading up to the big fireworks show, they have posted a day full of live entertainment, from patriotic bans to comedy. >> it is great. we live -- week will take the bus home. >> are you going to stick around for the fireworks? >> we will if our one-your daschle can stay up that late. >> the show starts out 9:30. folks are already getting their front wrote seats. the bulls have more for -- we will have more for you tonight at 11:00. we are live on the inner harbor. >> thank you. the big show as long as the weather holds. >> we do have some rain of to the west of us, though. keep your fingers crossed. we need the rain, but not tonight, please. that train that you see out west -- that rain and that you see out west, the trajectory of that particular batch of cells is not aiming at baltimore. it might slide just to our south, more toward a d.c. in pennsylvania, between -- there is a line of thunderstorms. bob in the mountains. if it -- couched in the mountains. we cannot take rain out of the formula for our forecast here in baltimore. south of us, there is a g
days away from big government defaulting on its loans. -- two days away from the government defaulting on its loans. lawmakers say they are close to an agreement. will it get done in time to meet a tuesday deadline? we have tonight's big story. >> even though senate majority leader harry reid is on board, it is not a done deal. with the clock running out, hope for a new deal. lawmakers struck down a debt plan by democrat harry reid. but senate republican leader mitch mcconnell said progress was being made toward a bipartisan agreement. >> we had a good day yesterday. the president and the vice president called me. >> the compromise taking shape raises the nation's borrow when limit passed the 2012 -- 2012owing limit passed the tw elections. >> this is the first time in my lifetime that we are paying for future debt increases dollar for dollar. >> there are lots of things that are not filled in and many more discussions to go. it is hard to say anything specifically. >> a senior white house adviser says there is still a lot of work to do. >> it is incumbent on congressional leaders to c
of the big things. >> they may agree on the urgent need to trim spending, but they are at odds on how to do it and how much. president obama and john boehner agreed on a target of $4 trillion in cuts. on saturday, the speaker abandon the plan say it was too ambitious and could not pass. >> to get a big package would require big tax increases in the middle of the situation is extraordinarily difficult with 9.2% unemployment. but the democrats want to close some tax loopholes to offset the cuts. >> it is appalling to see our republican colleagues performed the type of extortion. if you do not agree to deficit reduction the way we wanted, we will put jobs at risk. >> the credit rating may be at risk if they failed to act soon. >> if that happens, you will see catastrophic damage across the american and global economy. >> the political leaders remain far apart. uncle sam reaches his credit limit on august 2. tim geithner says the deal has to be done this week. >> tim pawlenty spoke today on "meet the press." he criticized the obama administration for the economy and discussed his campaign. >> h
? >> the harbor is certainly baltimores key asset. is it time to consider a different kind of security for big events? >> the police presence at the harbor was huge. even so, a 4-year-old was hit by a stray bullet, a man was fatally stabbed outside a restaurant and other serious scuffles erupted as well. and it was not the first time. last year before july forest -- before july 4 baby step their presence after a 19--- they beefed up their presence after a 19-year-old was harmed. the fact that we even have to contemplate doing this makes me not only sad, but sick to my stomach, one person writes. paul wrote, add security and charge a dollar to get in. an offset to the event. a small price to pay for the security of your family. >> i do not want baltimore to become a military state? -- a military state. >> families and parents know about when they have violent children and they know they need to get help. >> you cannot be surprised when the violence spread throughout the city if you ignore things. >> the business community is especially considering the grand prix is just two months away. that is
this is the beginning. >> yesterday -- today is a big jump. we are in the upper 90's 4 highs. it feels worse than that. e humidity tends to multiplied things. officially we made it at the airport to 100 degrees. most of the time it was in the upper 90's. the airport did hit 100. that is where it goes down. it is not a record breaker. the record is 104 in 1930. the inner harbor made it to 103. the airport is down to 98. it is getting cool out there. 44% humidity. making 98 feel like 106. the bar -- a barometer is low and the wind is brazing. -- breezing. that is down from the inner harbor high of 103 a couple of hours ago. lowell, does it feel any cooler? we're down two or three degrees in the past couple hours. >> i have to get my winter coat. it is freezing out here. we're still feeling the oppressive heat out here. the relative humidity is fertile. the heat index over 100 degrees. that type of weather where you step outside and start sweating. temperatures in the 90's. also we are dealing with another phenomenon. we are seeing that radiation al cooling. things will stay rel
school in baltimore county. why the big push? >> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news and 6:00. >> 6 days and counting. that is all the time lawmakers have to make a dead deal. >> our 11 is washington bureau reporter has been coverage tonight. >> there are two plans on the table. >> the american people have had enough. we need action and we needed now. >> frustration on the floor over the debt ceiling. >> squabbling is not a solution. >> here we are. six days away from a deadline. >> rival plans under review. >> there is only one option, and that is the one speaker boehner has proposed. >> congressional budget analysts found that the boehner proposal would not cut as much as promised. >> the boehner proposal would add $7 trillion to the debt over the next 10 years. that is an acceptable. some conservatives are warming up. >> i think part of governing is being able to say, this is good enough for us to work for. >> senate leaders say it is dead on arrival. >> the boehner plan is not going to pass. why? because it is not a solution. >> senate majority leader harry r
the fourth of july fireworks. good evening everyone. that is the big story tonight. police arrested marcus harris in connection with the murder of joseph calo from alabama. sheldon dutes is live outside of police headquarters with the the details. >> the suspect came to police headquarters and turned himself in. take a look at the suspect, the man in custody. police have charged a 32-year- old marcus harris with the murder of joseph calo, the young father visiting baltimore from alabama, stabbed to death outside mccormick and schmick's at the the fireworks finished on the fourth of july. he was cut in the neck and it may have stemmed from an argument. this photograph helped police to close the case. >> we would like to think the once a decision that did the right thing and give us the crucial piece of evidence to close this case, that photograph. it was given to the local media who aired it immediately. >> they would not comment on the specifics of his arrest, others say he turned himself in. joseph calo leaves behind a 1- year-old daughter and we have spoken to the mother. she was ecstati
in the neck. the incidents are causing a review of the city's handling a big event. next up, the grand prix over labor day weekend. the city councilman is a big supporter of the event and not worried about security. >> people are paying prices to gain admission. there will not be any spectators and outside the track that will see anything. it is not like you have crowds of people congregating and walking about. generally people who are paying for tickets do not cause those problems once they're in the venue. >> councilman cold calls monday night's incident isolated and notes to other recent events, both went off without a hitch. >> a funeral arrangements are finalized for the mother and young daughter who were killed at a hotel. a funeral for alicia avery and dariel parkville as been planned. in a fire destroyed classic cars at home in baltimore county. crews responded to a home on candlestick driver around 9:00 this morning. there were told the fire started in the garage and quickly spread to the home. fortunately no one was injured. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. and >
. >> this is part of his public safety plan. it also includes a big change in how the city treats some drug use. he wanted to make the possession of small amounts of marijuana a summary offense, treating it more like a traffic offense than a crime. >> spending time on quote- unquote "petty crime." >> since 2000, the city has spent $4 billion " on policing, but the crime rate has not significantly budged -- has spent $4 billion on policing. this is still among the highest in the country. >> it is more than fair to say whether this has been a good investment, in my answer would be no. >> he says he is willing to spend less on policing. >> a small a police budget, particularly if it is part of a bigger plan, so if you are making cuts in the police budget, you also need to be making enhancements in other areas so you are enhancing public safety, and right now, we are not doing that. >> his plan to change the possession of small amounts of marijuana has already been done in philadelphia and seattle. he has the whole of his public safety plan that he says will reduce crime by 25% in his first term if ele
now. the big question is, will this extreme heat last through the entire weekend? we will check all that forecast in a couple of minutes. >> today's hot temperatures had some customers all little on edge after the blast fridays fiasco. customers were left without air conditioning for hours on one of the hottest days in history. we are live in north baltimore with a plan to avoid a repeat. >> trying to stay cool out here. it is downright sweltering out here. we are in north baltimore and the thermometer is fluctuating between 102 and 103 degrees. it makes for a humid and as outside. stay indoors if you can. it is a little bit cooler than it was last friday. fox had a lot of problems with bge. officials tell me everything today it went as planned. last friday was when customers would like to forget. corn is room was flooded with angry e-mail strong customer is reported that their air conditioners were shut off for more than eight hours. >> it was frustrating, it was hot. we tried to call them, but they were saying that if it is not an emergency, please do not try. >> bge sent this rec
. >> there is no extension without an agreement on something big. to give the president said all along he is opposed to signing a short-term measure, but he changes course, the white house will not say how long he would but it last. -- would let it last. >> the former owner of a popular swim club pleaded guilty to child porn charges. he was sentenced to 18 months in prison and must register as a sex offender. david collins joins us in the studio. >> according to the statement of facts in this case, baltimore city police work separately investing -- investigating child pornography websites. his ip address came up several times. he admitted to downloading illegal images for the past five years, and they included infa ts. nts. >> this is not someone who is trading baseball cards. this is someone who is treating images of a child who underwent abuse and exploitation, and his image and exploitation continues to be passed and traded throughout the internet. >> according to terms outlined in his guilty plea agreement, he will serve 18 months in the baltimore county detention center. he is not eligible for
in the unbearable heat. that is our big story tonight. we're now in day six of the latest heat wave to hit maryland. an excessive heat warning remains in effect until late this evening as temperatures creep into the triple digits. john collins is in the weather center. is there an end in sight? >> it cannot last too much longer. three days to get 100, including today. 102 tied the record today. we had a quick shower this morning at the airport. there was isolated thunderstorm activity around the area. there was less than 1 inch of th-- at the airport. the humidity is still relatively high. at the inner harbor and science center, it is still 102 degrees. the high humidity makes it feel more like 110 degrees. sheldon is at the pool. we will see how it is cooling off there. >> the temperature is not the only thing rising out here. apparently, tempers are also rising. the pool is apparently closed for an aerobics even. for the few people able to get into the pool and cool off, they're not the only ones trying to beat the heat. the annals of the baltimore zoo -- the animals at the baltimore zoo appeared
they became the big dumb of a carjacking. id soon turns into -- when it became the victims of a carjacking. is soon turned into a police chase. we are joined live from the gas station mayra began. >> it was a terrifying ordeal for this woman and her 20-month- old son. there were waiting in her car outside a convenience store which is associated with the citgo gas station, when all of a sudden, someone came out of the store, carjacked her, back into a truck and sped off. amazingly all this was caught on surveillance video which you will soon see. the victim said she did not think they were going to survive. >> i was trying to hold it in. he looked up and smiled at me, and i thought, oh, my gosh, we are going to die. he is smiling at me. >> elsya, the victim of the carjacking, talks about uncertain moments as the carjacker drove at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour. >> when i saw a sign for 495 west, i thought, oh, my god, he is going to kill us. >> it was just after 10:00 wednesday night when she drove her black lexus with her 20- month-old son juju to get some juice. all of a sudden, the
>> live, local, late breaking -- this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> crews prepare for the big celebration and fireworks show. i am deborah weiner. the skies over baltimore will be colorful as we celebrate america's 235th birthday. george is live on the preparations. >> tomorrow at this time, the harbor will be more crowded. folks will be getting ready for the fireworks show. today we got some insights into the show. the july 4 weekend can be fun but dangerous. one man on the west coast found out this weekend. >> the fireworks are ready for the celebration on monday and the inner harbor. the crews have been working to get the show in place. >> it will be 18 minutes long. it will have about 1400 shells during those 18 minutes. the soundtrack will be a surprise. >> it is a surprise to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the aquarium. some may opt for a homegrown of fireworks show. officials want you to be careful. 8400 people nationwide were rushed to the emergency room last year with injuries from our works. in washington state, a 58-year- old man is in serious condition after hom
hit its debt ceiling and defaults in nine days. the white house has been holding out for a big deal, one that shows the world that the united states means business with its financing. each side accused the other of playing politics. >> i know the president is worried about his next election. shouldn't he be worried about the country? >> the speaker said he and his party are moving ahead. senate democrats say they are working on a plan of their own, setting the stage for a duel between two bills. republicans and democrats in the house and senate will have to fight this one out. >> could we be just hours away from the end of the nfl lockout? jerry joins us with how close players and owners are to an agreement. people continue to mourn the loss of twin terror attacks in norway. a celebration turns tragic. a man opens fire at his son's birthday party and kills himself. >> a gunman at a texas roller rink shot several people and turned the gun on himself. he killed his estranged wife and killed himself. investigators say he may have been arguing with his wife or another relative shortly b
. but is there a single sticking point, or many? >> there seems to be one big issue and it is all about the timing. house republicans want a short- term plan that raises the debt ceiling for about six months and then forces a vote on additional cuts. senate democrats are saying, no, we need a longer term plan, a larger increase in the debt ceiling and additional cuts that would last through the 2012 elections. they want another vote on this coming up between now and then. >> thank you. many of you were frustrated in open letters to congress as michelle anderson writes -- veterans and the elderly rely on you to look after our best interests. take the time to issue with -- to deal with the actual debt. another person writes, stop acting like toddlers. >> the 11 news i-team has learned that the quality -- the controversy surrounding the fire academy is much bigger than a simple cheating incident. >> city officials confirmed that they put the academy on probation last year or risk losing accreditation. >> according to several sources familiar with the investigation, fire fido -- fire officials did not comple
, but it will be a big part of the end of the summer. >> there will still be based source bought for some with some players cut from the team. however, we were told that some things right now just need to be taken in stride. >> they did that with lewis. they signed him back. anything is possible. mason is back. fan favorites that are very productive as players. >> a lot of these store owners told me that there is no fire sale just yet, but wait a week to see what happens. i think i will head inside for a deal on a cheapie jersey. wbal-tv 11 news. >> an early morning house fire and a homicide investigation after it was discovered that the people inside had been shot. the 4300 block of nicholas avenue this morning, 30 minutes after police responded to gunshots. luckily, no one answered. barry? >> the police are trying to determine a motive and find suspects. they are also trying to make sure that that initial 911 shawl -- 911 call about shots fired was handled properly. >> i am really sorry and you feel for the victims and the families. it is a very sad situation. >> the arson team is investigating a
is not a big feature this week at all. we have the heat wave that will be developing and we have a new tropical depression out near the bahamas circulating over the bahamas. it has been moving to the south and strengthening and is expected to turn to the northeast of the next week or so. we will watch it carefully. it is expected to reach tropical storm strength, and if it does its name will be brett. the forecast is dry tonight with mostly clear skies. 66-73. more humid tomorrow with scattered clouds. a pretty nice day. a 91-95 for the high temperature. again, a couple of extra degrees on the temperature and and maybe it thundershower later after sun site -- sunset which will be at 8:31 p.m. in line a one or two foot shop on the bay. the insta-weather futurecast shows isolated activity in the mountains this evening and tomorrow, the front comes in. most of the rain will be in pennsylvania. overnight tomorrow night and tuesday, we could see some scattered showers in our area. maybe even wednesday, something to the south. late monday and tuesday, scattered storms, more humid become a temperature
to raise the debt ceiling. q. what the president has [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®. >> there has to be some relief. make it that long. >> 99 tomorrow, i am trying to be optimistic and stairway from 100. but somebody's backyard will be up there. we will see an isolated storm tomorrow. bigger change comes monday and tuesday. 15 degrees cooler than the day. >> know and by -- no invite to the ppool. -- pool.
>> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6. >> are big story tonight, may have outside of a baltimore county nightclub and with one man dead and a police officer and hospitalized. shots were fired outside the club baltimore on pulaski highway just before 2:00 a.m. this morning. sheldon dutes is live in rosehill with the latest. >> the officer that was injured is expected to be ok. he got hurt while trying to secure the scene, but he has since been treated and released from hospital. the 911 call came in at club baltimore on pulaski highway. although they do not know the motive, but the shooting stemmed from an argument at closing time. the gunman opened up fire in the parking lot killing one person. the police have identified the victim as george william bryant. officers say when they got here it was pretty chaotic. >> when they responded, they found a large group of people surrounding the victim. as the officers tried to secure the crime scene and move people back some medical personnel could arrive, some people failed to follow those orders. one officer was as
louder. there are some big hits going on. i can really imagine what it is like in a game. >> the eagles have made the most noise in free agency, but the colts make an important deal, locking up a manning -- peyton manning for 5 years. had he launched into free- agency, he could have commanded another $30 or $40 million. this will allow the colts to sign several other players. michael phelps entered the championships without the fanfare. in the 100-flight, there remains no equal. phelps did not have the push from his main rival who failed to even make the semifinals. per usual, on the second leg of the race, he took off. he blew away the field with a time of 50.71 seconds. you know you are good when the world title cannot even bring a smile. two individual gold would one day remaining. this is not the phelps from 2008, but still a pretty good olympics. olympics. >> [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all diffe
will become official. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®. >> tonight at 11:00 p.m., late breaking news on president obama with talks on raising the debt ceiling. tonight we will have his prime- time address as leaders try to prevent default. and arrested, you will see that state police caught up with this man, the person who pushed his girlfriend out of a moving as u.v. on the highway. u.v. on the highway. >> looking for a little bit of heat relief and you know it is hot when 89 to 92 degrees is good news. >> [laughter] >> a few storms tonight and then less humid tamara and a bit cooler on wednesday. -- less humid to morale and a bit cooler on wednesday. >> training camp on wednesday.g
is and where the best chance of severe storms exists. severe thunderstorm warnings right now. a big storm to the west of feeding on a hot and humid air. 98 at the inner harbor. a record high of 100 setback in 1988. so far, no storms in the baltimore area, but that could change over the next few hours. pollen count in the moderate range. 20s is the total count for the day. still in the '90s around the beltway from pasadena to parkway into hartford county and around the bay toward the eastern shore. some spots have seen temperatures in the mid-90s. add moisture into the atmosphere and he index just sores. deals like 105 because of the muddy as in that atmosphere. whenever you get to that he'd index range, the weather service issues that he advisory. thunderstorms becoming more scattered as they approach baltimore. another storm were to could pop- up even after midnight. we'll see those storms in the forecast with south winds at 5 to 15. temperatures staying in the '80s. there is the isolated patch of storms. the front is way off near milwaukee stretching into the central plains. until this
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23